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We launch, manage, and grow affiliate marketing programs.

We drive incremental growth to your business through performance based partnerships

With over a decade of experience managing and efficiently growing affiliate programs large and small across many verticals, we will drive incremental growth to your business through performance based partner marketing initiatives customized and tailored to your business.


Whether you are launching a new affiliate program or have an established program, finding and recruiting the right partners to join your program and promote your brand or product should be ongoing and is crucial to a successful and sustainable program. Having managed dozens of large affiliate partner programs, we have established relationships with all the major publisher partners as well as a searchable database of thousands of top publisher properties to find, recruit, and on-board partners best suited to your vertical, business, or brand.


Influencers and Brand Ambassadors are becoming as important as traditional publisher partners to grow affiliate programs. This is a confusing landscape and difficult to efficiently grow Influencer partnerships on a performance based model. We are experts in this area and will customize and design Influencer marketing campaigns for your business that fit within a new or existing affiliate program.


To ensure a successful affiliate program, it’s crucial to set everything up correctly from the onset. We have launched dozens of affiliate programs across every major tracking platform and will set-up, structure and position your program the right way.


While we absolutely recommend investing in new opportunities and advocate for ongoing partner recruiting, many companies are leaving incremental revenue on the table by neglecting to grow their reach with existing top partners. We know the key publisher partners and what it takes to optimize and grow with these partners, we will create a strategy to incentivize growth opportunities with each of your top partners that aligns with your business goals.


Looking at launching or moving your existing affiliate program to an advanced tracking platform? Smart companies are evaluating and migrating to advanced tracking platforms that have better technology and tracking capabilities. We have migrated many large programs and can help you identify the right platform for your brand and will handle the process of setting up and migrating your program and existing partners without any loss of revenue.


Data drives our decisions and ability to grow your program the right way. Our goal isn’t just to drive revenue through partnerships, but to identify the partners driving value and to focus our efforts on incremental opportunities. We provide detailed insight into your program performance and make sure we are working together to achieve your business goals.


Looking for direction and strategic advice around optimizing and growing your affiliate program? Contact us to discuss a customized approach to supporting your business needs.


Performance Based Partner Marketing Experts

Your brand is unique, reach out and we can discuss a customized approach to grow your business the right way through performance based partnerships.

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Sound Partner Marketing drives incremental customer and revenue growth to your business through performance based partnerships.